Below you will find some common health risks to & puppies & dogs. Here are just a few things that may be helpful in making your home safe for your 4-legged family members. I will be adding more asap.

CHOCOLATE: Chocolate contains theobromine, a first cousin to caffeine. Unsweetened or baking chocolate has 10 times as much as sweetened does. This chemical causes the amount of calcium to increase to the cells, causes an increase in heart rate, and causes the adrenal to release hormones. In high enough quantities, it can stop the heart. Chocolate remains in a dogs blood stream much longer in a dog than in people. Chocolate can also, even in small amounts, be cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
FEEDING PUPPY FROM THE TABLE: A steady diet of table scraps can create a serious nutritional imbalance. The premium puppy food you feed is undone by supplementing it with "junk food." The canine stomach was not built for people food. Spices that we take for granted in our favorite dishes can cause gastrointestinal upset in puppies. A puppy regularly fed table food is more likely to become overweight. So when tempted to feed from the table, DON'T. If you just can't resist when the pup is older, feed a carrot or green bean. They get enough carbohydrate in their dog food.